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Horizon 2020 is a huge programme for research and innovation across the EU.

Within it is a section called ‘The SME Instrument’, which has €3bn allocated to it between 2014-2020, specifically for SMEs (small to medium size businesses). Most of the rest of the funding is not suitable for SMEs.

The SME Instrument has rolling submissions every 3 months, with an open brief.

Within The SME Instrument there are 3 types of grants available. Companies can apply for all of them or just for one. All grants are 70% match funded* (in some exceptional cases they may fund 100%).

Feasibility Assessment: Up to €50k

Usually around 6 months, the output is a feasibility (technical and commercial) study and business plan.

The type of activities this will fund include:

  • – Risk assessment
  • – Design or market studies
  • – Intellectual property exploration

Innovation Project: €500k-€2.5m

Usually 1-2 years in length, these projects are for prototype and development of innovative projects, potentially off the back of a Feasibility Assessment grant.

The types of activities this will fund include:

  • – Prototyping
  • – Miniaturisation
  • – Scaling-up
  • – Design
  • – Performance verification
  • – Testing
  • – Demonstration
  • – Development of pilot lines
  • – Validation for market replication

Commercialisation: No fixed budget

This grant is designed to enable companies to commercially exploit work developed through a Feasibility Assessment and/or Innovation Project.
The types of activities this will fund include:

  • – Investment readiness
  • – Apply for further EU risk finance
  • – Linking with investors and customers through brokerage activity

*Match funding = The fund will cover this percentage of the total project cost. For example if your total project cost is £1m, then they will pay £700k (70% match) and you will fund the other £300k.

How to get more information?

Further information is available on the Horizon 2020 website here.

Check out our blog post on what sort of projects are suitable for Horizon2020 here.

Please get in touch to discuss your project or find out more about Horizon 2020 and other grants.

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